Benefits Of Humor

humor Benefits Of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine. I hope that almost everyone has heard this phrase. Although small, this set is really important. Laughter is very effective and powerful. You can heal your heavy heart, your relationships and even your major health problems. This article is mainly divided into four sections. The first three sections are the benefits of humor and laughter, and the fourth section describes how to laugh and stay happy in any situation.

Humor – mental benefits

Humor is a very strong reducing psychological burden. Humor reduces stress on your mind and soothe your heart. Humor relaxes the whole body. Humor adds joy and meaning to your life. It will improve your mood. When the button is pressed, the humor will make you recover from your depression. This will make you do something good.

Health Benefits of Humor

Mood increases the function of blood vessels and the blood supply to the heart. This reduces the risk of a heart, you attack. According to a recent study, 80% of people who went to a heart attack by a depression of spirit, for one reason or another.

Occasionally, you can laugh to protect against disease. Boost your immunity. A survey was 250 people, exercising affected by the cold in India. According to research, 193 people were tense, sad or worried for one reason or another.

Humor relaxes the muscles. It makes you feel good. You feel to do something constructive. It makes creative.

Social benefits of humor

Humor is one of the most important things that are necessary in a relationship. We can not imagine a deep relationship without laughing. Laughter and humor makes a relationship go smooth, relaxed and carefree. His humor and smile makes all comfortable wi you. Laughter boosts your energy and make you feel comfortable talking to others. Humor increases your performance against others. Laughter helps secure. With the help of humor, aggressive conflicts can be resolved peacefully. Humor promotes and enhances team spirit and unity among team members.

Tips to be happy in any situation

-Smile: Smiling is a big word. It is one mile on it. Ya! Keep smiling. This is the beginning of laughter.

-As humorous must be in the company of friends immediately left the company deaf and depressed because they bring only sadness in his life. Instead, joined the company of people who want to be happy, and they are happy and fun.

-Share jokes with people: Sharing jokes with people brings you closer to them and makes everyone happy

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