Why is it better to have Humor in the Workplace

Humour%20in%20the%20Workplace Why is it better to have Humor in the Workplace

Why is it better to have Humor in the Workplace

1st. Humor reduces stress and stress is the main problem employees today.

2nd . Laughter strengthens the morale , while stress weakens the morale . It is in the interest of the whole society to invest the happiness of their employees. Laughter is an effective barometer of how the people are satisfied .

3rd . Keep things in perspective tends to cheer and humor helps us to keep things in perspective.

4th . Humor helps to facilitate change. Change is inevitable and people who laugh often are more likely to be flexible and adaptable.

5th.. Mood improves communication , if used correctly. The timely use of humor , a message can be effective and help in the process of problem solving.

6th Laughter and humor relieve boredom and to increase creative energy.

7th. Humor creates confidence. If we laugh at ourselves , that we have less rigid and more spontaneous. We tend faster when negative things happen to recover . Humor also makes us less afraid to make mistakes and overcome more confidence setbacks.

8th. Laughter and Hospitality positive relationships humor. If you hear a funny story to his first impulse to tell someone and share laughter. If laughter shared natural compound takes place.

9th. Humor promotes happiness and joy. It ‘s good to be alive.

10th The quality of the relationship is measured by the amount of laughter this . When relationships are good, people laugh a lot. The same goes for companies. When employees enjoy each other and laugh easily and often we see improved performance and higher profits.

11th. Should talk humor never laugh at someone , leave racism , sexism , humiliation , sarcasm or ridicule. These forms of humor are destructive tests , a good air by a different look and feel bad . There is enough humor to life. Look at it .

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