Success And Happiness: It’s In The Heart

 Success And Happiness: Its In The Heart

The heart is the most important organ in the body. If you need another body to function properly, but when the heart stops – well it’s over. Few people know that the heart is an organ that pumps the blood every minute of every day.

You’ve heard it- What does the heart say? Does this mean that the heart has feelings, emotions , can offer advice on important issues or general questions or negligible aspect of the decisions , the results of the life and behavior ?

Everything I have read in recent years told me to my heart and not my brain , when you hear the challenges and opportunities of conception. Since this year , I took advice, but I really do not know what that means or how .

As heart can think or feel ? I thought he was brain functions. Let me ask you – have you ever been a decision that was justified , but you do not feel well ? And the result or the consequences ?

A few years ago I read a powerful book and said : ” The most important thing we need to do need to be happy and successful is the 18 inches of the Spirit in our hearts, if we have to go travel decisions to take action , or simply just learn to live life . “When I read these words , I honestly do not know what they meant , let alone how to take this trip , but over the years , it became much clearer. Let me explain .

The human body is a very complex organism and its trillions of actions it takes every second are carefully crafted and coordinated. Research has proven that every cell has memory and this includes every cell in your heart. What does this mean when cells remember? Or better still can they do more – that we just haven’t discovered yet?

These are questions I have pondered for many years as it was my early life goal to be a neurosurgeon (just never made it).

The body is far more complex than the best researchers or physicians realize. It does things every second and we haven’t figured out how or why, we just know that these functions give us life.

So, one has to wonder if the cells in the heart are better equipped to help us make wise decisions than brain cells? Evidence is beginning to surface that say the answer is yes.

Scripture says in multiple locations that we need to live form our heart. Psychologists are beginning to understand that when actions are taken just from brain memories we often go astray.

I’m not qualified to question the research in either area but I know when I have made decisions only from my brain, things have always tended to turn out badly or even wrong. Why? Did I fail to honor feelings or urgings from my heart and did I mistake these heartfelt feelings or emotions and assume they were coming from my mind?

How can we really know where this council is coming from especially if we don’t have the appropriate backgrounds or benefits of years of research? We can’t. But what we can do is pay attention, listen and heed.

Often heart messages feel like they are coming from our gut. We feel anxious or nervous when we feel we are heading in a wrong direction. Been there? Of course it’s part of our makeup. The question is – what do we listen to – our thoughts, memories or mindsets that have developed over the years or from feelings, emotions or urgings that we can’t identify or often ever grasp or understand.

Our soul or spirit wants us to be happy, at peace and content and its messages guiding us in this direction come at us constantly even if very subtly.

The ability to come at life from the heart is not difficult if we will just pay attention and listen to its guidance, but most of us over the years have been trained to look at everything from a mental or mind perspective justifying, acting and deciding based on previous experience or thought patterns (what many refer to as our mental maps).

True success and happiness requires that we do both – think and feel if we want the best possible outcomes and that we use the messages from both the heart and the mind when making decisions or taking actions. But the real life success will only come when we let the heart lead and the mind follow.

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