Benefits Of Humor

humor Benefits Of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine. I hope that almost everyone has heard this phrase. Although small, this set is really important. Laughter is very effective and powerful. You can heal your heavy heart, your relationships and even your major health problems. This article is mainly divided into four sections. The first three sections are the benefits of humor and laughter, and the fourth section describes how to laugh and stay happy in any situation.

Humor – mental benefits

Humor is a very strong reducing psychological burden. Humor reduces stress on your mind and soothe your heart. Humor relaxes the whole body. Humor adds joy and meaning to your life. It will improve your mood. When the button is pressed, the humor will make you recover from your depression. This will make you do something good.

Health Benefits of Humor

Mood increases the function of blood vessels and the blood supply to the heart. This reduces the risk of a heart, you attack. According to a recent study, 80% of people who went to a heart attack by a depression of spirit, for one reason or another.

Occasionally, you can laugh to protect against disease. Boost your immunity. A survey was 250 people, exercising affected by the cold in India. According to research, 193 people were tense, sad or worried for one reason or another.

Humor relaxes the muscles. It makes you feel good. You feel to do something constructive. It makes creative.

Social benefits of humor

Humor is one of the most important things that are necessary in a relationship. We can not imagine a deep relationship without laughing. Laughter and humor makes a relationship go smooth, relaxed and carefree. His humor and smile makes all comfortable wi you. Laughter boosts your energy and make you feel comfortable talking to others. Humor increases your performance against others. Laughter helps secure. With the help of humor, aggressive conflicts can be resolved peacefully. Humor promotes and enhances team spirit and unity among team members.

Tips to be happy in any situation

-Smile: Smiling is a big word. It is one mile on it. Ya! Keep smiling. This is the beginning of laughter.

-As humorous must be in the company of friends immediately left the company deaf and depressed because they bring only sadness in his life. Instead, joined the company of people who want to be happy, and they are happy and fun.

-Share jokes with people: Sharing jokes with people brings you closer to them and makes everyone happy


Appropriately Use Your Sense Of Humor

SenseOfHumor Appropriately Use Your Sense Of Humor

Everyone loves it in the company of a funny person. People who have a sense of humor in any situation are still welcome by others. Nobody likes of people who have surrounded always complain about everything. Logical group of people optimistic about motivation. No mater how they are, but if you have a good sense of humor ; sooner or later, people come to you and you want to be a part of your business .

See how a good sense of humor will help you:

First, a good joke is a good way to introduce others. Make a joke at the beginning of a conversation in many situations , to break a cold wall between people. In my opinion, “It’s much better than just saying a good day , is not it ? ”
Of course , in many self improvement books that you can read that talks will begin with talk time than a good start. A joke is not only presented in a beautiful fashion , but also to give people a positive impression about yourself.

A sense of humor can help to avoid confusing situations . If you order must be completed in a short time a lot of work , a sense of humor help you get through without too much stress . If you are involved in a group project, a sense of humor will help to keep your computer in good spirits and inspire his teammates to do a better job .

Be grateful it is so absurd that it’s often a hard line easier. If you show a sense of humor in any situation and , if necessary, to follow of themselves , people who work with you to . As a result, the work is done in a constructive and good humor to be happy and show your boss that you do a better job.

One thing that you have to remember is that humor is not always for every situation. Not a good time to make a joke and not a bad time for a joke . For example, the funeral is definitely the right place to make jokes. There are many other situations that every joke is unethical. Do not laugh , if they do not accept . The right time is the key.

Another thing to consider is what you are saying. Some jokes can be very hurtful. Because some people laugh at his joke , it may be someone who does not like , is , and do not appear .

They must be reasonable and say , speak his jokes, depending on the nature of man . The joke can be very painful for some people and the construction of the barrier between you and them. It can break good relations and types of records such as ” hey, I was just kidding ” could not remedy the situation.

So how can you ensure that your joke is a good joke , and anyone who will not hurt? If it’s a very difficult situation ; try to feel the atmosphere around people who created his joke. If you believe that your joke is successful, continue , otherwise stop immediately . But if you need to make a joke , aim first so that nobody gets hurt . You can make jokes about general situations , so no harm at each performed.

A good sense of humor requires a lot of care and time on their side. Another , there is a time . If you believe that your sense of humor is something to get you to enjoy the people around, then go ahead . We all deserve a good laugh after all.
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Overcoming Stress With Humor

no stress 300x300 Overcoming Stress With Humor

We all suffer from stress in one form or another , and our bodies are designed to react to stress with a ” fight or flight” a necessity when prehistoric animals that people see their faces dinner. Although we are not that kind of stress on the human body always reacts the same way to stress – the heart beats faster , the blood to the muscles , which makes clear thinking difficult and distally , objectivity redirected to the stomach , causing nausea.

Classified stress and anxiety as a mental disorder DSM -IV, affects a large proportion of the population , especially in today’s society , with all its burdens . People with stress in a variety of ways , or rather not deal with it , but they react to it : alcohol, smoking / drugs, hard drugs , excessive exercise, to work harder , insulation their families and their thinking becomes compulsive and negative. They consider themselves to care , and the ability to think positively and to be qualified to put the life decreases. The ability to laugh is almost non-existent . Stress kills .

Rumination is a well-documented depression factor , because if people only focus on their problems and difficulties in their lives , which reinforces negative thinking stress and depression.

How to break this cycle is to think positively . “It’s easier said than done ,” I hear a negative thinker , but that’s the humor comes into its own . Humor is forcing people to think positively , and to share with you a day in my life that stress would be crazy , but the humor came to my rescue .

” Some days are better than others. Today was a disaster from start to finish .

I woke up early because I go to work to help my colleagues , who had to leave early . I work in a center for mental health care for children and adolescents , and can be very stressful. I was ready to leave the house when he accidentally called the hospital to make sure she wanted to get me always too early. She had called in sick . ” Well, that’s a good thing ,” I thought sarcastically. “I could more than I have told me to sleep,” I whispered into the house. Then I was ashamed , when I have a message on my answering her. Oops !

So I have the extra time , so I had to my father, who is to write in a nursing home , but when the time for work turn came the computer , do not let a note of what I ‘ve written (that was boring compared to this ) . So I do not keep your mouth shut , because everything I wrote was lost, but I was really looking forward to my new computer , lost with only a flash.

I grabbed my old laptop and printer to take to work for my colleagues to install all died on my desktop and load the printer software, so I still use my old printer. I was late , nervous and could not remember how he get to work. I knew that I had forgotten to put the key in his pocket work, which I do religiously every day before leaving the house – and let me into the elevator and open the doors of the unit . When I parked the car , I opened my bag and put the key in his pocket and rushed to the hospital . When I was in the elevator, I could not find my key. He was not one of my four pockets. I panicked , because they are raised for the loss of this particular key , because if a child came to them , could go to escape . I hitched a ride in the elevator with someone who had a key , clock and then started madly Panic . I borrowed the key from a friend so I can see if they fell to the ground back to the car . Scary, this means that if a madman had collected, the access would have to the hospital , and here in the United States can Fools weapons. I saw in the parking lot and I found nothing . I had the feeling pigeons in my head for the brain and could not concentrate on anything . I wanted to introduce me to the total incompetence when, after looking through my two bags twice , found the key lazing on the bottom of my purse with my luggage hot chocolate and fat – liner was pants.

Spoken prayers , loud, and Grace tried to reassure me: “Well, all is well, even if the letter to my father may have been lost in cyberspace , but that’s OK , I’m going to write another . ” But open the elevator door and a colleague has a new child . His nostrils and the type of unit “, which I carry in my pants . ”

Normally, the head nurse ( I ) do not have to deal with it , but everyone had left the unit . Shortly before had fought with my conscience who want a bowl of chips and a little lime green jelly , but suddenly my appetite left me . My colleague went fast, so put on a pair of rubber gloves , thinking. “That’s why I studied for twenty years, and finally got my PhD at the bottom to clean shit ”

The boy had slammed into my pants and tried to do everything to prevent contamination of the rest of the body with its waste. Shorts under a layer ! If only it was a disposable diaper is the lot of abandoned but no, your ” package” was in his shiny new underwear, so I was to get rid of your mother likely to continue the hospital .

With my appetite completely disappeared , my disgust and reformulated the idea that the mud and began to clean up , but I was everywhere. All I could do was put in the shower, so I did what I actually considered unethical. I , a woman with her bare , (not ) a man, and he went the way to cleanse your body .

There was “mud ” and sniffed me all night , but no one could – I was psychosomatic. Each time he said that his stomach hurt sitting on the toilet and prayed for my colleagues to return to the device. Finally made ​​it and my appetite slowly progressed as the night.

Then I met a tyrant seven years old when he came ever wanted to see a doctor , on the ground he broke in the challenge and refused to speak or cooperate. They called me to meet him , so I tried first of humor. ” Oh , look, it is a little puppy ” , and scratched again . He turned away from me and it seemed like a chicken ready Sam Club furnace be – very disturbing. ” Oh, it looks like a chicken , but it is not met ,” I said , and the doctors laughed, and as a picture of him in an chef came to my head , I felt my day slipping deeper into the abyss . Ultimately , pink chicken -boy of the ground with the promise of a dessert , but first I had to talk with the doctor. His mother called and said she is scared of it . He went to bed with the pudding smiled at him.

The rest of the afternoon rolled quiet no more drama to my broken glasses . Not just broke ; she died in my face. Metal fatigue ! Almost half separated from the other . I hate wearing glasses, but it was the best partner I ever had and I loved her. They sat separately from my box tea bag on the message , ” this opportunity to keep your mouth shut Do not miss ” is engraved , and you spent the whole night blind. Okay, I’m nearsighted , so I was able to write my notes clear, but when children and staff walked to the hall to me, I had no idea who was coming and I wanted to shout : “Who’s there “most of the children it was a sweet old grandmother , the ” beautiful ” was , especially when I said,” I can not hear , I will not have my glasses , ” what is the truth – I Lip – read a lot I do not know why .

So the children went to bed , and improved my night suddenly . I have my key , I resisted chips and shit green jelly suffered without the poor child feels humiliated , and I faced the loss of my precious glasses and my blindness . ( The young people were very accommodating when I asked their names permanently blind, she said .. ” But Miss Celia , we talked about ” I apologized , hoping that my temporary blindness was not and if your low self-esteem . ” ‘ m person , she does not even remember me there for half an hour “).

I started to wait for the end of my shift and the prospect of blind fear of the ride home . A colleague suggested that I closed my glasses on my face and half driving with one eye. I tried it and it works, but then I thought : “The fact that the glasses broken in two , does not mean that I do not ask in half if I did not dare not move his head half afraid my . to leave vision , or worse , break my eyeball with the serrated edge of the bridge dangerous spectacles that are prone said dangerous for my right eye . took me all body fluids that could take today and filtered aqueous humor inside the eye was like a step to far from my vision. they need , so I can hear !

The return trip is preliminary and felt like wearing a neck brace , was the stiff neck . I looked to see out of the corner of my eye when it was clear to get to the next street , and I also got . I took the two arms of the glasses my ears and I ‘m looking for my backup pair. I could not tell if they were reading glasses cheap, because as I have been through it with bacon, which is kept near the kitchen ( I ‘m not good at cleaning) is covered, but after washing and shining, everything was clear.

So my day at midnight came to an end – thank God . I managed to save my father’s letter , but in comparison, would be bored to tears , and then I decided to buy an eBay keyboard.

Now , not even passed the necessary knowledge to accomplish this is to describe , when I tried to use an account that appears to have been accessed , but I forgot because I did not buy anything – I use to buy stamps to flyers in schools Send to attempt to stop the suicide children. You can not imagine what a mess I ‘ve tried a second hand electric keyboard to buy, so I do my homework , so that children learn to play the piano , chords and arpeggios to . I ruined everything for two hours, then still could not buy the keyboard. ( The next day , when I on the Internet, I realized that I bought two ! ) So I went to bed and thought disgust, “Well, I can put my marbles and c lose ‘ is all downhill , ” and I put my night glass of water and a glass of wine on my bedside table, and God knows how it happened, but the glass of water was by one of my hands and waterfall everywhere, everywhere in my machine Banking ( which is bad) my precious Twilight book , the whole magazine that featured my work in my book of Sudoku, my psychologist British newspaper , my shoes (performed slippers ), carpet , I woke up , roll of toilet paper (for my rhinitis ), my earplugs and my Christmas card purple my beloved husband , and when I took a towel and j ‘ I tried to delete the cascade ( as a liter of water can go so far ? ) di defeated me.

Today, a disaster from the beginning until the end , but when I dressed and cleaned the towel , I smiled and began to laugh until I cried, laughing . He had found the key to stress. Laugh ! I was fired for my lost keys , throw them in the shit and humiliate the boy , darling , do not complain , complain or cry : ” Why does this always happen to me” or blame the internet for my computer faults, but the joy of all joys concentrated , I poured water and no wine ! ”

Thus, despite the physical symptoms of stress – sweaty palms , panic , difficulty thinking clearly , fast heartbeat , nausea, and lack of hope that a sense of humor , my frame of reference and negative thoughts about positive . I survived the day , and I realized that it would be so much worse .

Surviving life’s stress is all about thinking positively. We have a choice as to whether we focus on the negative, which adds to and generates more negative thoughts, or we can search for a sense of humor, which will automatically change negative thoughts into positive ones and beat the human being’s prehistoric response to stress.
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Why is it better to have Humor in the Workplace

Humour%20in%20the%20Workplace Why is it better to have Humor in the Workplace

Why is it better to have Humor in the Workplace

1st. Humor reduces stress and stress is the main problem employees today.

2nd . Laughter strengthens the morale , while stress weakens the morale . It is in the interest of the whole society to invest the happiness of their employees. Laughter is an effective barometer of how the people are satisfied .

3rd . Keep things in perspective tends to cheer and humor helps us to keep things in perspective.

4th . Humor helps to facilitate change. Change is inevitable and people who laugh often are more likely to be flexible and adaptable.

5th.. Mood improves communication , if used correctly. The timely use of humor , a message can be effective and help in the process of problem solving.

6th Laughter and humor relieve boredom and to increase creative energy.

7th. Humor creates confidence. If we laugh at ourselves , that we have less rigid and more spontaneous. We tend faster when negative things happen to recover . Humor also makes us less afraid to make mistakes and overcome more confidence setbacks.

8th. Laughter and Hospitality positive relationships humor. If you hear a funny story to his first impulse to tell someone and share laughter. If laughter shared natural compound takes place.

9th. Humor promotes happiness and joy. It ‘s good to be alive.

10th The quality of the relationship is measured by the amount of laughter this . When relationships are good, people laugh a lot. The same goes for companies. When employees enjoy each other and laugh easily and often we see improved performance and higher profits.

11th. Should talk humor never laugh at someone , leave racism , sexism , humiliation , sarcasm or ridicule. These forms of humor are destructive tests , a good air by a different look and feel bad . There is enough humor to life. Look at it .
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Success And Happiness: It’s In The Heart

 Success And Happiness: Its In The Heart

The heart is the most important organ in the body. If you need another body to function properly, but when the heart stops – well it’s over. Few people know that the heart is an organ that pumps the blood every minute of every day.

You’ve heard it- What does the heart say? Does this mean that the heart has feelings, emotions , can offer advice on important issues or general questions or negligible aspect of the decisions , the results of the life and behavior ?

Everything I have read in recent years told me to my heart and not my brain , when you hear the challenges and opportunities of conception. Since this year , I took advice, but I really do not know what that means or how .

As heart can think or feel ? I thought he was brain functions. Let me ask you – have you ever been a decision that was justified , but you do not feel well ? And the result or the consequences ?

A few years ago I read a powerful book and said : ” The most important thing we need to do need to be happy and successful is the 18 inches of the Spirit in our hearts, if we have to go travel decisions to take action , or simply just learn to live life . “When I read these words , I honestly do not know what they meant , let alone how to take this trip , but over the years , it became much clearer. Let me explain .

The human body is a very complex organism and its trillions of actions it takes every second are carefully crafted and coordinated. Research has proven that every cell has memory and this includes every cell in your heart. What does this mean when cells remember? Or better still can they do more – that we just haven’t discovered yet?

These are questions I have pondered for many years as it was my early life goal to be a neurosurgeon (just never made it).

The body is far more complex than the best researchers or physicians realize. It does things every second and we haven’t figured out how or why, we just know that these functions give us life.

So, one has to wonder if the cells in the heart are better equipped to help us make wise decisions than brain cells? Evidence is beginning to surface that say the answer is yes.

Scripture says in multiple locations that we need to live form our heart. Psychologists are beginning to understand that when actions are taken just from brain memories we often go astray.

I’m not qualified to question the research in either area but I know when I have made decisions only from my brain, things have always tended to turn out badly or even wrong. Why? Did I fail to honor feelings or urgings from my heart and did I mistake these heartfelt feelings or emotions and assume they were coming from my mind?

How can we really know where this council is coming from especially if we don’t have the appropriate backgrounds or benefits of years of research? We can’t. But what we can do is pay attention, listen and heed.

Often heart messages feel like they are coming from our gut. We feel anxious or nervous when we feel we are heading in a wrong direction. Been there? Of course it’s part of our makeup. The question is – what do we listen to – our thoughts, memories or mindsets that have developed over the years or from feelings, emotions or urgings that we can’t identify or often ever grasp or understand.

Our soul or spirit wants us to be happy, at peace and content and its messages guiding us in this direction come at us constantly even if very subtly.

The ability to come at life from the heart is not difficult if we will just pay attention and listen to its guidance, but most of us over the years have been trained to look at everything from a mental or mind perspective justifying, acting and deciding based on previous experience or thought patterns (what many refer to as our mental maps).

True success and happiness requires that we do both – think and feel if we want the best possible outcomes and that we use the messages from both the heart and the mind when making decisions or taking actions. But the real life success will only come when we let the heart lead and the mind follow.
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How Can I Do It All?

howcanIseries How Can I Do It All?

We tend to do much. Those of us who are successful, ambitious players and want more out of life tend to get in a lot of things and lose focus. Those of us who will do it soon, because we will not be disappointed, but it does not have the feeling that we have, and the desire to do anything to remove.

There are many things that we think and do is when this feeling of wanting to do everything overwhelms us. There are many things we can do that are good and some are bad, so we need to ensure that we know what to do when we feel that we want to do everything. Here are a few things to do:


  • It takes focus. Focus seems to be the topic that comes up a lot lately. If we want to do anything well, we need to focus. However, for those of us who want to do it all, we can’t really focus on all of it, can we? No. So what do we do? How do we focus on just that one thing that needs to be done right now?


  • It takes power of our mind, our thoughts and attitudes to be able to focus on just one thing. It takes strength to put aside those outside issues that keep coming up so we can do that one thing. However, it is attainable when we practice. When we practice, we become stronger.


  • It takes motivation. To stick with anything, we need motivation. Focus and power is good but motivation keeps us going. Our “why” motivates us. Our reason for doing what we are supposed to be focusing on is what should motivate us to continue on.

How can we do it all? We can’t but focus, power and motivation will help us to do one thing well. Doing it all is not a realistic dream. Focus is. Focusing on what we do well, gaining knowledge on that one thing and finding others we can help by doing that one thing will give us a good feeling of knowing we have accomplished something. It will also take away the desire to do too many other things because we know that one thing we are doing is going to make a difference.

What is your one thing you have been called to do?

How can you stop desiring to do it all and stop being distracted by those who want to pull you into their world?

What are three things you can do today to begin to focus, to change your thinking and stay motivated to work on that one thing today?

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” Zig Ziglar
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1. Ice and a fan! See!

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2. No air conditioning in your car? There is always this option…

tss 1402989935 2 225x300 Homemade Air Conditioners That Prove The Heat Makes People A Little Crazy. [15 Pics]

3. Personal cooling system

tss 1402989935 3 300x217 Homemade Air Conditioners That Prove The Heat Makes People A Little Crazy. [15 Pics]

4.  A homemade pool will suffice

tss 1402989936 4 300x225 Homemade Air Conditioners That Prove The Heat Makes People A Little Crazy. [15 Pics]

5. Another car AC project

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6.  This is dedication

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7.  Yikes

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8.  The scariest looking attic fan that ever did exist

65e3efff 94e9 41df 89a7 902e2af4fd83 300x225 Homemade Air Conditioners That Prove The Heat Makes People A Little Crazy. [15 Pics]

9. Plywood and everything


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10. How do you open the door??

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11.  This can’t be safe?

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12. Better hope that tape stays sticky…

cb28a04f 6b3e 42f7 b2db e9928a4f4386 300x225 Homemade Air Conditioners That Prove The Heat Makes People A Little Crazy. [15 Pics]

13. The freezer, a lifesaver in the summer

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14. A smart driver

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15.  When in doubt, go with the freezer

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